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Mexico Diving 2020

Getting up early to go on a vacation always seems wrong to me. This year our fall dive trip to Cozumel Mexico is another example. After finishing packing and getting to sleep it must be close to midnight. When I woke up at 2 am, I am confused and not certain where I am. The confusion fades after a large strong cup of coffee. The drive to the Airport at 3 am is smooth and fast. When we board the bus at The Spot Parking we are pleasantly surprised to see 3 other couples that are going on the trip with us. We quickly pass thru check-in and security. Once up near our gate we are at McDonalds getting a healthy breakfast of Egg McMuffin and a 2nd cup of coffee. Life is good again! At the gate we have an hour and a half wait until our first leg of the trip to Dallas, TX.. The expression that they always make it big in Texas is brought home when we see the Christmas Tree on arrival at the airport in Dallas. We have a couple hour lay over before we board for Mexico. We change into shorts for our arrivial in Mexico then board the plane for an uneventful ride to Cozumel. When we arrive in Mexico we sail thru Immigrations and pickup our bags to go thru Customs. They have a high tech procedure to pass you thru customs. There is a button on the wall you push, if the light turns green you walk thru, if it turns red then they search everything you have. Needless to say no one passing thru customs in Mexico can complain about being singled out. We take a taxi to the Hotel Cozumel and check in. As we are checking in we find a welcome cocktail waiting for us, Oh.. life is good now. We are off to supper after checking in to our room and unpacking. Early Sunday morning we are going down to the dive shop at the beach to do an early morning check out dive. This involves making sure our weights and equipment are all in order. Once that is done we get some lunch on the beach patio then take our rented Jeep and head to South Point. We are in search of the Bob Marley Bar. We never found it, maybe it was taken out by one of the many storms they have had there recently. The rental Jeep only had 7 or 8 check engine lights on, depending on how we hit the bumps in the road, so not to worry much. As many trips as we have made to Mexico over the years if there had been no engine lights on I would have taken the car back! Cruising around the island in an open Jeep in winter and it being 85 degrees out was a dream for this Mountain Man! Monday brings on a full morning of diving. The water is smooth and as blue as Colorado skies. We are out for a 2 tank boat dive. This means we will go south about 1 hour and do the first tank dive. We wind thru large colorful coral heads and see lobsters and eels. We head back about 30 minutes and do our second dive of the morning. On this dive the current is going in the opposite direction as the first dive. That makes about as much sense as the the science on the Corona virus. After this dive we head back to the hotel and put our dive gear in our lockers before having lunch by the pool. I have a cheeseburger with fries, Joann, Melanie and Gary have chicken tacos. The following day we are down on the dock at 8 am for our second day of boat diving. Today we see a large green eel about the size of my leg. We also see a lobster and a spotted eel. Heading back to the hotel the seas are getting rough and the wind has picked up. The following morning we wait around the docks until 10:30 am only to have them cancel the days diving. We decide to walk into the town of San Miguel de Cozumel. We stop at Mega, the local equivilent to our Walmart on the way back and pickup gifts and snacks. We move to Plan B on the 4th day since diving has been weathered out. The dive master told us on Monday they have had more tropical storms this year than he could remember. Plan B was a day of 4 wheeling and a tour of the local Regalo de Dios Tequila factory. Friday morning we awoke to less wind and clear skies. We were down at the docks at 8:30 to find out if the boats can leave the harbor today. We start seeing small fishing boats out in the channel. That tells us the harbor master has allowed the boats out. The last day of diving is on. Todays boat dives are taking us down to South Point (punto sur). This will be a 1.5 hour boat ride but well worth the trip. Todays 2 dives reward us with a nice Eagle Sting Ray, a small Nurse Shark and a couple of lobster. Unfortunatly my battery died on my camera after 4 second video of the shark. Tonight we are having an Italian Feast pool side. Saturday brings a day of packing for the trip back to the USA. We fly out of Cozumel in the afternoon and arrive home at 1:30 AM Sunday morning tired wooped and happy. All of the local people and establishments in Cozumel are taking the Covid Virus very seriously. They have to, their only revenue is from tourism,. Happy Diving

Pictures Courtesy of Gene Lucas

We are composed of 3 members: Gene, Joann and the little Poodle Cowboy.

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