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Raja Ampat Diving 2024

Raja Ampat will be our first dive trip of 2024. Our first leg of the 26 hour flight will be to Los Angeles, with a night stay at the airport hotel. We are scheduled on a morning 15.5 hour flight to Manilla Phillipines on a Boeing 777-800. This plane is the New Monster of the sky plane replacing the Boeing 747. I just kept thinking, man I hope they filled that gas tank completely full! The flight was ontime and arrived uneventfully except for losing 1 day by passing the international day change somewhere near Hawaii. We spent the day at the Manilla airport and flew out that evening on our 5.5 hour flight to Jakarta. We arrived at our hotel near the airport around 2:30 that morning jet lagged and happy. A Leasurely Breakfast at the hotel and we board a bus back to the airport. Happy Diving

Pictures Courtesy of Gene Lucas

We are composed of 3 members: Gene, Joann and the little Poodle Cowboy.

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